Knowledge in Criminal Law

Defamation and the Law

The attatchments below include a brief yet full description regarding defamation and the law. Types of defamation, conditions of defamation and the punsihments under the various sections of the Indian penal code. Students studying the course law, and subject criminal law can refer to the notes for reference and examination purpose.

911 Attacks

911 Attacks


With the alarming rate of modern slavery, there is a heated debate on whether it is required to introduce a new bill or the one that is in existence is sufficient. Whatever be the matter, the govt has to take stringent measures in this regard in order to free our country that is plagued by human trafficking.

Criminal Law

The term 'Crime' denotes an unlawful act and this unlawful act is punishable by a state. A common principle about Criminal Law is that, unless an activity is prohibited by law, it does not qualify as a crime. Incidents of crime hurt not only the individual, but also the state. Therefore, such acts are forbidden and punishable by law. The body of laws which deals with imposing punishments on crimes is known as Criminal Law.

The sexual harassment of women at workplace (Prevention,Prohibition, and Redressal) Act 2013

This file contains provisions related to the sexual harassment of women at the workplace, prohibition, prevention and redressal. This piece of work is authorized by Prof. T. Sita Kumari, SPMVV, Tirupati.

Customs and Laws

These are the notes by students of Delhi University

How to handle a custody battle without inflaming the situation

If you are going through a legal battle for child custody, you will know how stressful this experience is. Custody battles are never easy; you need to fight tooth and nail to get the control you feel you deserve. If you want to make sure you can fight this battle with confidence, you need to have a plan of action. Consider the following tips before continuing.First off, try to resolve the dispute togetherWhile it is unlikely that you will be able to, you should try to reason with the other parent/guardian one more time.Things might be so bad between you both that this is nigh-impossible, but it does not hurt to try, at least. This should at least give you an idea of whether or not the issues can be resolved or whether you need to consider getting a court of law involved.Get in touch with a legal professionalThe next thing that you need to do is hire a custody lawyer. You need someone onside who understands the severity of the situation and can work with both you and the other party to find a ‘happy’ ending. They should be able to represent you in court and, where possible, give you advice on what you need to put into place to win this case.Fighting a custody battle without legal expertise is a losing battle; always hire someone beforehand.Get all of your information in orderYour attorney will want to see that you have clear evidence that you should be seen as the winner of custody. This should focus more on trying to show your positive side as opposed to shining a light on the issues of the other parent/guardian.While you might need to try and create a contrast to show yourself as the one to be trusted, focus more on demonstrating your own benefits instead.Do not make contact with the other partyWhile the case is ‘live,’ you should avoid contact with the other parent/guardian and any relevant people associated with them. This can easily be construed as harassment on your part. You want to create the thinking that you are calm, placid, and ready to wait for the facts to show themselves in court. Follow all advice given, and avoid inflammatory contact with the other parent/guardian to avoid escalating the situation.