Knowledge in Elements of civil engineering


It contains model question paper for elements of civil engineering

All Important Formulae for Civil Engineering Graduates.

This PDF comprises all important & required formulae for Civil engineering students and graduates , It's a must read PDF for Civil engineers. This can be asked in job interviews for Site Engineer, and other post related in Construction industry.

Work procedure for Mivan Formwork

All detailed work procedure of Mivan Construction Technology - Objective - Applicability - Reference - Responsibility - Safety Precautions - Precedure

Fourth edition of Construction management

Content- Development of Construction procedure Procedure of design Payment arrangements Contract condition Preparation of contract doc Tendering

Planning & Scheduling of Constructions

Planning and scheduling of Construction Introduction of planning process Break-down structure Graphic convenient for tasks Development of network diagram Time and duration activities Delays in Constructions

Principal of Foundation Engineering

Geotechnical properties of soil Naturally soil deposit Shallow foundation Ultimate bearing capacity Mat foundation Lateral earth pressure' Retaining walls Sheet pile walls

Project management for facility Constructions

Introduction Multiple projects management Contract organisation Contract administration Project management organisation Project information and communication management Project feasible Planning

16 Different types of Slabs

all details about types of slabs used in construction industry contents types of slabs advantages disadvantages used for and many details are there , if you have any query about this document feel free to ask below. thank you.

Structural Analysis

The topics covered in the attached e-books are: 1. Energy Methods in Structural Analysis 2.Analysis of statically indeterminate strutures by the matrix force method 3.Analysis of statically indeterminate strutures by displacement method 4.Analysis of statically indeterminate strutures by direct stiffness method 5.Cables and Arches 6.Approximate methods for indeterminate structural analysis 7.Influence Lines if you're having any doubts or queries about the covered then please let us know. thank you for visiting.


Self-Compacting Concrete (S.C.C) is a concept in which the ingredients of the concrete mix are proportioned with addition of suitable chemical and mineral admixtures so that the concrete flows without segregation and compacts by its own weight without any external or internal vibration. this pdf contains all details of mechanical properties of aggregates

High Performance Concrete - Paper Presentation for Civil Engineers

paper presentations on High Performance Concrete The current trend of use of superlatives in concrete technology may strike as somewhat disconcerting to many .We had high strength concrete, hyperplasticiser, and superplasticisers, very reactive Pozzolana, and now high performance concrete. It is difficult to imagine any concrete being manufactured and used, which is not intended to perform to the extent; high performance concrete is not a new material of construction. It is difficult to imagine any concrete being manufacture and used, which is not intended to perform. The only difference is the level of performance, which is higher than ordinary. High Performance Lightweight Concrete (HPLC) has been extensively investigated for, among other applications, use in oil drilling platforms in severe environments. The relationships and allowable stresses and the stress block given in structural codes for normal strength concrete (e.g. IS 456 or IRC 21) will require modification. Acceptance testing on site has to be more than cube testing at28 days. Where durability of concrete is the driving force for adoption of high performance concrete, in-situ permeability tests are performed as a matter of routine.

Construction process of commercial building