It contains a notes for Engineering chemistry

All Important Formulae for Civil Engineering Graduates.

This PDF comprises all important & required formulae for Civil engineering students and graduates , It's a must read PDF for Civil engineers. This can be asked in job interviews for Site Engineer, and other post related in Construction industry.

Practical guide to Construction Project Management

This file contains all practical knowledge about Construction project management. Contents of this book is as follows ; 1) Construction Practice 2) Management System 3) Project costing 4) Project Planning 5) Project Scheduling 6) Production planning 7) Resources Management 8) Project cost system Very important for Civil Site Engineers & Site Supervisors.

Civil engineering notes.

This word file containing the some of important topics in civil engineering.

Work procedure for Mivan Formwork

All detailed work procedure of Mivan Construction Technology - Objective - Applicability - Reference - Responsibility - Safety Precautions - Precedure

Objective Questions for CE Students

Material of Construction Building construction Surveying Mechanics Som SA And other important topics covered in this document

Code of practice for Steel

Code of practice for civil engineers

CONSTRUCTION project management

Integrated approach to Construction Project management Project life cycle and success Building the client business case Project definition Strategic issues

Hydraulic of Dams and River structure

Air-water flow Intake & outlets Hydrodynamic forces Energy dissipation Reservoir sedimentation Stepped spillways River structure

Irrigation Engineering

Importance of irrigation Engineering Estimating of irrigation demand Irrigation schemes and methods Modern canal operations techniques Design of on-demand irrigation system Mapping of water network Drainage pipes and accessories

Material for civil and construction engineers

Material Engineering concept Natural of material Steel Aluminium Aggregate Portland cement , admixture