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Transfer of Title

Property is the ‘right of ownership’. Title is the source of right. A right is vested in a person who holds a valid title. Generally, the title must have been obtained from the owner himself. But there could be cases when the title is acquired from non-owners. The related question that arises in such cases is whether or not the buyer has obtained a good title. The law protects the true owner by providing that he alone can provide a good title

Early Child Care

Going into the psychology of a child and what a child needs at the early ages of his/her life.

business communication and value science

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Social Work with Family * Henry Rozario Introduction

Social Work with Family * Henry Rozario Introduction Family is the basic institution in a community. It is the primary group in which members are born, brought up, formed, trained and socialized to play various roles and functions in society. Hence, it is important that the family maintains its well being