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Short Gist of Must Be Read books

A short List of Must Be Read Books


It is one of our fundamental rights that permits us free speech and expression.  In the recent years, social media has become one of the major tools for the masses, especially the youth to express their opninions about any occurence in our economy . Though, at times there has been a negative feedback on the complete freedom given to people while posting things on religion,caste,gender,politis etc, it has also been one of the major tools through which our democracy has been enhanced.  Recently, Department Of Telecommunications has requested several companies like Jio communications,Vodafone,Airtel etc to look for for ways through which they can ban social media sites like Facebook,Instagram among others during emergencies. Such occurences have been quite common in Kashmir due to jammers and even in Rajasthan recently to avoid cheating during a governmental exam. However the companies believe that this is impossible and quite troublesome. Our govt has to kreep in mind that people undertake important flight bookings., medical bookings, financial trading, banking etc on the internet and siuch a ban would distrupt the normal functioning and peace of the nation. As of now there has not been any development on the issue, but the news has bombarded and the common man stands against such forced regulations 

Presentation Secrets 2011

Presentation Secrets 2011(PDF, Epub ,Mobi)-Mantesh

The Challenge of Effective Speaking (2011) -Mantes

The Challenge of Effective Speaking (2011) -Mantesh

An Introduction to Critical Thinking

An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity Think More, Think Better