Ajay Deshpandey

Student at MDI

Studied at IIT Ropar

Articles published in NIVESHAK

NIveshak, Financial and investment club of IIM shilong.

The week that finished Vol(1-6)

Published by monetrix, academics society of MDI.

IBEF sector reports

reports on every domain, from agriculture to healthcare to oil and gas.

Blue chip special edition

Study performed by MDI students of blue chip monetrix,

Brazilian currency crisis

Brazilian crisis during 1998-99, performed by MDI students.

Japanese slump-The lost decade of japan

article published by Mdi students on the GDP of japan after world war-2.

Manmohan singh's tenure

Case study performed by Mdi students on the tenure of our ex PM manmohan singh.

The great depression

Case study on The great depression caused in 20th century.

Fastest growing economy?

Fastest growing economy? an article published in NIveshak, society of IIM-shilong.

Budget and Beyond

Niveshak 2015, society of IIM-shilong.