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From all the research we did, there were some refutes to how universe is singular and alone. That, we may be a projection. That, we may be alone in the dark space. But the common notion, backed by religion, philosophers and science, has been that our universe is not alone. Our universe exists. And, it may have only a neighbor, or there may be an entire horde of universes near ours. But as of all we know, we have at least one universe, with maybe an earth with humans who as of now, are writing a similar report on how they are alone or not in the wide dimensions of space and time.

China’s Strategic Interests in Shanghai Cooperatio

China's mechanism of strengthening the bilateral relations along with multilateral authority in the realm of global arena, sustain a positive trade balance with almost all nations and building such a situation that every country hover a dependency on them on the other side of the balance, creating a space of leverage on China's own back. It is a win - win strategy of China leading in the world of complex dependency where every other nation state is massively dependent on China and simultaneously shrinking the China’s reliability on others, the domination of Chinese role and interests in Central Asia and now it’s focus on Southern Asia through course of Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a prime evident of it.


The Mission’s aim is to promote new business itself, the role of business in the success of this mission is a bit hazy. The new businesses that will be established as a result of this Mission should aim to carry out their business operations well enough to achieve the end-goal of job creation and a prosperous economy. The existing businesses should take advantage of increasing their productivity through all the new opportunities that will be available as a result of the policy changes. Also, businesses and the Government should work hand-in-hand to ensure economic growth and employment.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was a huge city-modernization scheme launched by the Indian Government under the Ministry of Urban Development. The aim is to encourage reforms and fast track planned development of identified cities. Focus is to be on efficiency in urban infrastructure and service delivery mechanisms, community participation, and accountability of ULBs/ Parastatal agencies towards citizens.