shikha kumari

student of srcc gbo

Student at SRCC

organizational behaviour by robbins

This is a book on organizational behavior by stephens and robbins from pearson.


This is a book by Richard Bach.Illusions:The adventure of a reluctant messiah

liquidity and money

This document contains the determinants of liquidity and the relationship between liquidity and money

organizational behaviour

This book contains the theories of organizational behavior.

principle of marketing

This is a famous book on principle of marketing which helps in understanding of marketing concepts more clearly

rules for quadrilateral

This document contains the basic rules followed for quadrilateral in maths

employee satisfaction

This includes the basic hr part-employee satisfaction and how it can be achieved

india chinese economy

This document describes the indian chinese economy and the structure in which they work


This documents contains different concepts.

marketing module

This document covers the basic concepts used in marketing

corruption in India

This document covers the important topic i.e corruption in India:a cause of instability and inequalities

economic reforms in India

This document includes the crisis of 1991 India and the development reforms which took place and also the effects of those economic reforms.