Knowledge in Marketing and Sales

Marketing Research Project using SPSS

sharing a project that is being done by iim students in their group project. #marketing#research#project#iim

Summer Placement Preparation (Marketing)

Hey Guys, In this creation I upload the PPT  "Summary for Marketing for Summer Placement Preparation". Hope you find this interesting and helpful. #IIM#Management

Case write-up for AMERICAN WELL

sharing a case write up of an mba student pursuing from iim. #casestudy#iim#management

APPLE stores Case Study

Sharing a case study for the students of Marketing Management class for marketing and sales purpose. This case study can be used for project and examination purpose. The attatchment includes topics such as various aspects that triggered the need of stores for Apple and Benchmarks to evaluate success of Apple stores.


Case analysis available on marketing management including topics such as DEMAND FLUCTUATION, IMPACT OF DEMAND FLUCTUATIONS, BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING JITD, PROBLEM STATEMENT, etc.

Starbucks marketing case study solution

Case Study Analysis of “Starbucks" given below. The attatched pdf is formanagement students, studying marketing and sales as a subject. Content includes- Describe the ideal Starbucks customer from a profitability viewpoint. What would it take to ensure that this customer is highly satisfied?  How valuable is a satisfied customer to Starbucks?#IIM

Case study Infosys

Case study of infosys from IIM kashipur available in the document below for students of marketing and sales. The topics discussed below are Key facts, Problem Statement, Product portfolio for Stylista, Revenue share for product mix of Stylista, Revenue share for product segments of Stylista, Growth of online retail in India, etc.


I share a case study from one of the most prestigious business school in INDIA. Hope It would be of some kind of help. #casestudy#mba#management#marketing#research

Case study of DABUR

November 1st week current affairs pdf in hindi available. Can be used for reference and competetive exam preparation. Attatched below are MCQ's with answers. The pdf attatched below is available in hindi language.

Marketing Research

This attatchment shows the marketing research conducted on Consumer preferences towards cream biscuits. This case study and analysis can be used by students of marketing and research for projects and assignments. The case study involves Type of research design and Information needs, Fieldwork done, Data Analysis, Limitations and Applicability of the Research, etc.

ECSR research assignment

Teach India research assigment submitted by an iim graduate. #research#assignment#iim#mba

Competitive advantage through channel management

Uploading Case Study Solution of "Competitive advantage through channel management". The attatchment includes topic of 'Why have these companies been successful in developing a competitive advantage? Is this advantage sustainable?' Content useful for students of management, sales and marketing.