Knowledge in Earth Science

Amity evs paper for sem 1

Amity university environment science question paper for aset year 2015

Amity evs paper for sem 1 aset

Available evs paper from Amity University, useful for students of semester 1. Can be utilized by studets for future preparation and revision purpose. The examination paper is provided in english language. #Amityuniversity

stephen hawking-a brief history of time

the famous book of stephen hawking

automated sun tracking solar panel

Available below are the notes of the cousre earth science. The topics discussed below are Why track the sun?, Objective of the Project, Methodology, Work done (During first review), Work done (1st Review to 2nd Review), Analysis of the model, etc.

Solid waste management

This is a note On solid waste management 


Notes for chapter 4 LIFE ON THE EARTH. Class 11.


Well Prepared Notes for all types of competitive exams and general studies.

Resources and development

This attachment has explanation about resources and how does it help in development. Useful for competitive exams and school level

Manufacturing industries

This attachment has explained about manufacturing industries.

class 11 th articles with example

This PDF consists of articles school leval about English grammar. It covers topics such as sentence structure, verb tenses, and common mistakes. It also provides examples of correct grammar and explains why certain grammatical rules exist. Each article is written in an easy-to-understand manner and includes tips and tricks to help the reader remember the rules. The PDF explains how to use grammar correctly in everyday speech and writing. It is suitable for students at all levels, from beginners to advanced.