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Convolution Theorem LT

the convolution theorem states that under suitable conditions the Fourier transform of a convolution of two signals is the point-wise product of their Fourier transforms.These are the solved example of Convolution Theorem.

problem set on Laplace Transform

The Laplace transform can also be used to solve differential equations and is used extensively in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The Laplace transform reduces a linear differential equation to an algebraic equation, which can then be solved by the formal rules of algebra.These are the problem set on Laplace transformation.

Assignment On Laplace transform

It is the assignment based on the concept of Laplace transformation to gain and understand the concept.

Linear differential equation

In mathematics, a linear differential equation is a differential equation that is defined by a linear polynomial in the unknown function and its derivatives, that is an equation of the form. where , and are arbitrary differentiable functions that do not need to be linear .These are the solved example on Linear differential equations.

Linear Algebra Matrices

In mathematics, a matrix is a rectangular array or table of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns. This the Introduction and solved example on matrices.


Set,subset,union,intersection and properties.

Graph Theory

Introduction and definition.


The concept of function is properly explained in the given file. The concept of the function of paramount importance in mathematics and among other disciples as well. The recapitulation is discussed properly.

Inverse of an Element

This file gives us complete details about the Inverse of elements. The concept is explained properly along with diagrams. The inverse of functions is explained along with examples for proper understanding.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

This file gives us a complete description of the inverse trigonometric functions which is of utmost importance in the field of mathematics. The graphs of trigonometric functions are discussed.

Kinds of Functions

This file gives us complete knowledge about the Kinds of Functions used in mathematics. The topics are one one functions, one many functions, bijection. It is an important topic in mathematics.