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A brief document on non ferrous metals i.e. three most important metals copper, nickel and lead and their alloys. Available for understanding purpose for chemistry students. The document includes topics such as Important ores of copper, Concentration, Roasting, Smelting, Impurities in Blister Copper and their Effects, etc.


The document contains a full knowledge on composites i.e. their classification on various basis and its manufacture process and a full account of adhesives i.e. its types, bonding process, and factors affecting adhesives.


A full detailed description of refractories, its properties, its types, materials used for its manufacture process and the techniques of manufacturing. It includes information about Characteristics of Refractories, Properties of Refractories, Classification Based on Chemical Composition, Classification Based on Chemical Composition, etc.


A full detailed document on ceramics, its properties , types and its applications in today's world is attatched below. contents included in the PDF are Classification of Ceramics, Traditional Ceramics, Whitewares, Structural Clay Products, Brick and Tile, Abrasives, Refractories, Advanced Ceramics, Electroceramics, etc.


Notes available for chemistry students. The document contain information about abrasives in detail. Content in the document includes Classifications, Applications, Natural Abrasives, Artificial or Synthetic Abrasives, Silicon Carbide or Carborundum, Calcium Carbide, etc.


A detailed description available in the notes below. Explaination available on biology topics for engineering students. The contents included in the document are molicular machines, bacterial flagellar motor, cytoskeleton, etc.


This  material will helps in preparing for the candidates appearing for the Competetive exams that includes UPSC,SSC,State service examinations and as well as the documentary materials for the Class  11 and 12 th students  especially the topic deals with the  Bio-Diversity  This document makes the readers easily understandable about the concepts and the reviews of NCERT  Biology with a diagramatic explanation. 

Environmental Science

The document contains all the documents related to the environmental science for first year SRM UNIVERSITY students. Topics included are ENVIRONMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, Objectives of Environmental Education, Importance of Environmental Education, Classes of Consumers, etc.


Available mathematic notes for semester 3 students. The topics discussed below are Solution of difference equations using z-transforms, Use of the right shift theorem in solving difference equations, Existance of a Fourier series expansion, Derivation of Fourier series expansion of a function defined in [−π, π], etc.


Below attatched are the notes of electromagnetics that include topics such as Plane Electromagnetic Waves, Plane waves, Poynting vector & power flow in EM fields, Plane waves in various media, etc. The notes are useful for students who want to study electromagnetics as a subject.

Electrical Machine

Electrical Machine

Tips to lose weight ,that you don't know

If you’ve been working out and still can’t seem to shed those extra pounds around your midsection, chances are it has everything to do with your diet. Here are a few brilliant tips to lose weight that helped me lose 10 pounds in three months and several inches around my stubborn midsection. 1. Calculate your BMI to find out how many calories you need a day  The law of thermodynamics does not lie. You can’t take in more calories and carbohydrates than you burn. This is the golden rule when trying to shed pounds. 2. Drink wine instead of mixed drinks A half cup of rose wine has 83 calories and no more than 5 carbs! One margarita can have anywhere from 200-400 calories, blowing your calorie count for the day. My go-to drink used to be calorie-rich mixed drinks and Blue Moon beer which adds a whopping 170 calories. 3. Try to exercise I’m convinced that dieting is even more crucial to reaching your weight goal than working out. Working out, however, will expedite the weight loss and make you lean and muscles defined. Although I haven’t worked out as much as I’d like to, I’ve still lost weight. This will speed up your weight loss by almost four times the amount. The more muscle you build, the more you can eat. 4. Stay positive There will always be those days where we fall off the wagon. Don’t worry; just get right back to your routine as soon as you can. Don’t get discouraged if you have one bad eating day or one bad eating week. Just rev up your workout and get back on track as soon as you can. 5. Drink lots of water. If that’s too boring, try sparkling water Every dietician will tell you that you must stay hydrated or your body will mistakenly signal it’s hungry when in fact it’s just thirsty. I love carbonation in my drinks and Perrier makes me feel as though I’m having a cheat drink like a coke when I’m just having carbonated, flavored mineral water. This reminds me of Sprite, so I’m kind of tricking myself into thinking I’m having a treat when I’m not.