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Book- immunology

Best book available below in the attatchments for the course B.Tech for the study of Immunology. Provided in english language for best understanding.

EEE 4th sem Full notes ipu

Notes available for students of electronics. The content includes topics such as Control Sytem, Electricak machine part-1, Electrical Measurements, Electromagnetic Theory, Power System, etc. The notes can e used for preparation and examination purpose. #IPuniversity

IT 4th sem ipu notes

Available the entire 4th semester IT notes, speacially for ip university students. The attatchments Includes topics such as COA, CS, DBMS, TOC, etc. The notes can be useful while examination time for preparation and practice. #ipuniversity

Ipu 2nd sem applied physics unit 1--Solid State Physics

This knowledge explain Crystal Structure which have some sub-topics such as Space Lattice or Crystal Lattice, Unit Cell and Its Parameter, SYMMETRY, MILLER INDICES, INTERPLANAR DISTANCE, CUBIC SYSTEM, HEXAGONAL CLOSE PACKED (H.C.P.) STRUCTURE, and some solve examples.

Joblessness of engineers

India is the largest producer of engineering graduates in the world. Over eight lakh adults graduate as engineers in India, which, believe it or not, is more than the population of over 70 countries of the world! But if different studies are to be believed, and honestly, we have no reasons not to believe them; over 60 to 80 percent of those graduates are unfit for employment! So the burning question of the hour is who is responsible for such a catastrophe? As you dig deep to find the answer, you will end up blaming each and every stake holder of this ‘business’. Parents, students, education system, government, corporate world; all of them share the responsibility of this simple, yet devastating misfortune of the aspiring individuals of this generation. Most of the parents in India still believe in already tested career paths and for them engineering is the safe haven. If we think about it we can adopt the metaphor of the sheep following the herd. Accordingly we can say that our parents are the shepherds and thus, students, the sheep, follow the herd. Students, around whom the whole story is revolving, needs to understand one thing very clearly that the education system is responsible for giving them degree, getting education is completely their own responsibility because at the end, it is students who have to suffer. So getting updated with the current corporate scenario is the need of the hour. The teachers are the catalyst of any change. They have the ability to mould the future of their students. And as quoted by Kalam Sir, ‘A teacher has to create a lifelong autonomous learner.’ They need to stop creating type writers. They need to motivate, carve the way to include recent technologies in their teaching rather than sticking to decade’s old syllabus. Education system needs few drastic changes. They need to focus more on practical education rather than adhering to century old teaching system. They just cannot get rid of their responsibilities by conducting examination and providing degree. And at last our government, being the safeguard of the society; they must put a check on this in order to save the future of the country; because if the same trends continue, India might become the largest producer of jobless graduates. The colleges lacking basic infrastructure for technical education must be closed.

Why should we study?

Boring lectures! Boring exams! Boring homework! Ever the ultimate question of student’s life bothered you? “Why do I need to study?” From our childhood the people around you force us to study, “you will become a big man and earn good money” they say, but no one really tells us why to study. To answer this question let me take you to the past. There are just two types of parents in this world. One who can afford the things their child wants or demands for and two those who cannot afford the demands of child. Our past experience must have made us learn this one thing about our parents. Now let’s go to the future. If today you have demanded for something costly say an iphone or your personal bike, what if in future your kids turn to you and ask for the same thing. What kind of parent you want to be then? If we all understand this basic thing then we will get the answer for why we should study. Now, many people say they are poor they cannot afford to study at big colleges or they can’t afford books, but it’s not true. As the wise saying goes-“if you are born poor that’s not your problem, but if you die poor then that’s your problem”. So, the basic need to study is success. Now success is different for different people. For some it is may be the happiness you get from doing what you like, for some it may be the money they earn. But anyhow in any form it is inter-related to each other. If one is doing what he likes he can earn great money. If one earns great money that he can do what he likes, see everything is relative. This proves that it’s not only just studies that can lead one to the path of success. If one does what he likes to do i.e follows his passion than he can be successful. So it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. No matter what you do try to be best at it. There are ample ways to earn money, but one should know how to do it. It’s not about studying but about equipping yourself, regarding knowledge and that knowledge may or may not be regarding your course, the only thing matters is your should know about that knowledge perfectly and that will make a true difference. It’s well said by Shiv Khera –         “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

Sem 2 Notes mechanical engg. Srm university

The following clips and attatchments contains notes for environmental science, basic mechanical engineering , engineering mechanics, material science and mathematics for semester 2 students of the course Mechanical engineering. Also, notes are available for basic 11th physics. #SRMuniversity

B.arch Sem-6

Notes available of the subject 'Theory of Design' for the students of 6th semester of B.arch. Design Theory refers to understanding the methods, strategies, research and analysis of the practice of design, which is all available in the attatchments below.

Computer Algebra System

Attached below is a book covering all the basic commands and examples of all the softwares mentioned above and a file which has some high level exercises done on the basis of it which is quite sufficient for learning them inside out. Working with softwares like MATLAB, Maxima, Mathematica, Maple,R require basic knowledge and ample practise commands .

Operational Research

Operational Research is one such subject you will find least material about. Rare courses have this subject in graduation but in post graduation one or two papers of this subject stands compulsory. I have attached here syllabus of OR at graduation level so as to give the idea of topics which forms the base of the subject and also the most recommended book by Handy A.Taha . It has ever growing scope if one can be well versed in it then there are higher chances of opportunities than all the other conventional fields like Maths, computer science.

B.arch Sem-8

A subject "Professional Practise" refers to the theoretical method that teaches students a lawful process in the related field.

sem 4 mechanical engineering notes srm

The below attatched clip contains Mechanical engineerin notes for semester 4. The topics included are Basics of Thermodynamics, The language of TD, Processes in TD, properties of steam, hydraulic safety, Psychrometric, Introduction_to_AutoCAD,software CAD, etc. #SRM