Like a Love Song by Nikita Singh | What’s wrong/ri

Plot: The story follows a young and passionate girl, Maahi who discovers love and more in the unexpectedly intimate treasures of a baker’s hat.She has emerged from a heartbreak that left her shattered four years ago. And she s found peace and joy a career and love. But when the past comes knocking on her door her life is turned upside-down once again. Charged with emotion and romance Like a Love Song is talking the sort of love that consumes and sears and takes you over …  About the Author: Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of eight novels including After All This Time The Promise and Someone Like You as well as a contributing author to books in The Backbenchers series. In 2013 she received a Live India Young Achievers Award. She is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at The New School in New York City. This was my first read from her collection and I am able to see that there’s something in her work that had made her successful, but still I can feel the beginner thing in her which is good if it keeps the childishness and experimenting alive, but bad if it keeps her from solving the major problems. What’s wrong with it? This is the actual spoiler part and if you have already read this book, you may relate to the list of things I find wrong with #LikeALoveSong. And if you are related to writing stuff, maybe Nikita herself, then you will find out where this story lost the game of becoming a great story. The writing style: It couldn’t keep me connected to it which also gave birth to a thought that she was writing out of her comfort zone, which is eventually good, but not right now. The style made me feel that there was a lot of repetition of stuff so I didn’t mind skipping some of the sentences. I liked Laila’s character better than Maahi’s: Maahi who initially interested me came out to be slightly dull when Laila was around. Her character seemed more powerful, kind and eventually better than Maahi. I also feel that if the author had given Laila’s tale a space in the book, it would not only make her actions and moody, but sweet nature justified, but also maybe made her equal to her. I mean I just couldn’t figure out why she was like she was which anyhow made her more interesting than Maahi. The Ending: I personally feel the ending being quite short, unmatched with the concept and irrational. I mean, when the whole story moved around the two things Love and Passion how can the end distort one of them so easily. Maybe Nikita could have done justice with it too just by extending the story a little bit or show something, maybe as a bonus chapter, to express the other side of the story, the Siddant’s feelings. Why was it good? Here’s the list of the things which I think made this a good book: Great Concept: Though both topics were not new individually, but the context in which the author connected them made them feel more realistic even in the fiction world of books. It was just like the real life. I could feel the struggle to be good in the parents eyes, while trying to find and follow your passion, along maintaining the most important feeling: Love. Short, Sweet & Enjoyable (SSE) : Though I feel that an extended version with Siddant and Laila’s tales in it would be a lot more enjoyable. The original text wasn’t the less. I find the story to be a light and sweet story, but not like a love story if you are wondering. In context to realism, it is a great try, better than all my real-life related stories till date. Interesting Characters: I really like Nikita Singh for what she was best at in this book and also hate her a bit for the same along being jealous. She has an incredible talent to develop interesting characters which I believe everyone will love. From Sarthak, his mom and Laila to the Maahi’s boss CJ, everyone was unique and interesting in a way. But I don’t like that their individualism was not celebrated. I loved it when the story had a part where it focused on a personal life of Sarthak, Laila and Siddant, but that too was a bit short which I’m sorry about. I also liked the thing that people here are chasing their dreams which is a quite awesome thing, right? In India, Yep it is! Conclusion Overall it’s a common story of a girl, fighting the world to get her own identity in the middle-class Indian Family while finding her true love. Who should read it? I would say anyone who needs some inspiration and tips about following your passion when the society and your own parents are driving you crazy. I personally made some notes from Maahi’s dialogues which I know I will have to use sooner of later. Did I love it? Yes, I love the most of the books I read, because I choose them wisely. But I actually thanked my friend Riya for recommending this book to me. It not only opened a girl’s viewpoint about love and career which is quite similar to the boys but also helped me learn a lot from all the characters including Kishan who told me it’s important to make time for the important people and love them for the individuality, without changing them.

Who will you hire? Learn what that below-average a

For a moment, imagine that you the hiring manager of one of the giants of the business world and your job is to hire the people who are best for the jobs you’re offering. After a random selection of candidates through an evaluation exam in which only a few people participated you got two final candidates to select from. At the time of the interview, both of them answered the same questions which reveal something about them & their lives. And now it’s up to you which one you are going to select. So, here they are: Candidate 1: What are your qualifications? I have graduated from a good college and a major degree in computers. Tell me about your circle. My parents, both of them are qualified professors in the same college I have graduated from and they love me a lot. My friends and the places where I have worked earlier were both satisfying and I came here in search for better experience. What are your weaknesses? I must admit here that even though my good time management skills my mind tend to force me to procrastinate which wins sometimes. But I am constantly working on it and my procrastination tendency had already reduced from 20% to 7%. I hope that you can understand and have experience the same human tendency. Candidate 2: What are your qualifications? I joined the largest college of my city but didn’t finish it. So, till now I am a high school graduate. But I like working with computers. Tell me about your circle. My parents left me for adoption when I was young. I don’t have many friends from my workplace because I constantly change my jobs, which is clear from my resume. What are your weaknesses? I am suffering from an uncommon from a brain damage known as Dyslexia which makes the things harder for me to learn, it’s also known as the learning disorder. Final decision: Till now, it must be clear in your mind that the Candidate 1 who has a degree from an esteemed college with a great family background and almost no weaknesses is a better selection the Candidate 2 who’s college drop-out Dyslexia patient who constantly changes his jobs. So, if you choose the Candidate 1, congratulations for getting a great employee for your company. But if I had this choice I would have chosen the other one. Why? Because his name is STEVE JOBS!

Immune Web (Review)

Who should read it? I recommend everyone who thinks that internet has an important place in there life to read this book. But more importantly this is a must read for: People who use social media on their smartphones Victims of cyber crime or someone who wants to know the source of spam mails Anyone concerned about how to use the web safely What’s in it for you? This guide will help you learn a lot of useful stuff which is all based on personal research & professional experience.  You’ll discover: How men are more insecure on net than women Why does reading terms & conditions matter What makes most passwords just stupid How a comment can take a life And a jumbo ride to the hidden world of Dark Web!

Can money buy happiness? Yes! But conditions apply

First, according to science, when a person starts earning above an average estimated income, he starts losing the greed or fun that he thought he will get when he wished for that income. Just like that toy which you wanted most, but you lose interest when you actually get it along time. So, Yes! The Money will give you a kind of happiness which will also be a limited period offer! At the end of life, Money<Life! We spend all our life running after green paper and on our last time, realise that it wasn’t the thing you really needed. Actually, “I wish, I didn’t work so hard” is the second most popular regret that people had on their deathbed, after “I wish I had been true to myself” which simply tells us that what matters in life is not the temporary fame or fulfilment, but the long-run love, satisfaction & Happiness. Whenever I am not sure about choosing between a high paying job and a job I love, I ask myself a simple question that What will I get? If I chosen the “High Paying” job, it will get me more money, more money means more satisfaction, security & power which will lead to a happy & fulfilled life. Right? Wrong! Because that job will also cost me my family, friends & me time along the death of many of my talents & dreams leading to a life which look good from upside, but has an emptiness inside. In the other case, if I got the job I love, I would pursue my dreams & talents, get more time for myself and lead a life which maybe, only maybe is less luxury but way more satisfying & beautiful, both from inside & outside. In the end, I will just leave you with this quote of Billionaire Steve Jobs, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai | Book Review

I am a kind of addicted to the real-life stories of people. And after Helen Keller, within no time I have read the autobiography of the inspiring Malala Yousafzai. And every book is a new Journey for me. So, enjoy the review! Who is Malala Yousafzai? She is a children’s education activist born in Pakistan. She have spoken to nearly 400 delegates at UN at the age of just 16 and also, she has won multiple international awards including Nobel Peace prize. Another than an inspiration for thousands, she is a great student and a greater daughter. And this book unfolds some heart-touching and sad experiences of her life, but all of it ends with a light of success. How was this Journey? “If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.“ This is a fascinating tale of a girl fighting for other girls’ education and of a father who, championed and encouraged his daughter to attend school in the society that prizes sons, the society which thinks that the God is someone who does not want his daughters to grow & achieve success in their lives. She was shot in the head at point-blank range while riding the bus home from school at the age of 15 in 2012 by the Taliban because of her fight for the equal education of Girls. But even after this she refused to be silent and continued her fight which later reached the global level with the formation of Malala Fund. Who should read it? According to me, anyone who interested in the inspiring life of Malala, in the current & past situation of people of Pakistan and in the working of human right activists.

“The Story of My Life” by Helen Keller |Book Revie

Helen Keller, this is a very popular name that you may have already heard of. But before we talk about her book, let’s have a brief introduction of her. So, Who was Helen Keller? Helen (1880-1968) was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. Just imagine, you live in a world of silence & complete darkness, but could still talk, write, read, and make friends. Do you think this is possible? But she proved that it is Possible. In fact, she attended the college, wrote a dozen of  books, traveled all over the world, met 12 U.S. presidents, and also, lived to be 87. Can you do that with your eyes & hear at their best? I don’t think so. How she did that was a confusing question for me, until I read her Autobiography; The Story of Life, that unfolded some amazing things and Ideas that I could never think of. What are my views about the book? The Story of My Life, available in 50 languages is a triumph of the writer over her deafness and blindness. In this Autobiography, she has locked a great inspiring story that takes us on an unforgettable journey. From the movement, she learned the word “Water” when her teacher spelled it into her hands to the time when she completed her college. This whole journey records the events of Helen’s first twenty-two years of life. And when we are talking about her life, we can’t forget her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan who remained her companion from the age of 7 years. And with great dedication, patience & love, she was able to evoke the child’s enormous intelligence. I also want to mention that this book was an emotional journey for me as I have read and recommend the original version of the book that has her fresh personal touch. I wanted to share her whole story here, but it will ruin all the excitement. 

Why Suicide Bombers aren’t Afraid of Death?

Do you guys still remember the table of 2 that you were taught in the Kindergarten? I.E. 2 X 2 = 4, 2 X 3 =6… — I am sure you do. But what’s the reason behind that? Why do you still have it fixed in your brain? The answer to this is something Doctors call “Permanent Memory Connections”, they stays with us even when we lose most of our memory. And this is also the same technique that all major military groups use to fix the patriotism in their soldiers after a little brain-wash. Which is the other group that uses the same technique but in a different way? The Terrorists! When a newbie joins a terrorist group, the very first thing that he faces before even the training is the brain-washing which aims to clear all material stuff and connection towards them. And that is followed by the love of their cause because you have to fill that empty space with something else so why not Jihad? They are taught, from the very first moment that they have to DIE (not to fight) for their cause which is generally the establishment of terror that is said to turn into an establishment of a single religion world that will work according to the ideas of the terrorists and their masters. Take the story of a man named Muhammad for example, he joined ISIS when the group had invaded his home nation and replaced the republic with the terror ruling. For him, it seemed the only option to give him a life worth living (which it’s not) so leaving his family & friends behind he moved to the ISIS where he learned everything he knew about the globe from their viewpoint and that replaced everything he knew before. He was 7 years old when he took this action and the next 15 years of his life were just the same. Every day he followed the same routine, learnt the same techniques, received the same ideals and constantly empowered the same patriotic (in a way) mindset. Till the day of action came, he was already eager to die because he knew that with his death, thousands other people will die too and also, that this will help their brothers to take over the world. He was among the most enthusiastic ones. When he reached the planned location, his brothers took out most several bomb explosions and mass killing while he made his way to the city’s most populated square. He was wearing a black tuxedo hiding in it a powerful bomb which has the capacity enough to demolish a shopping mall. His eyes were blood red. The innocents around him had no idea that this walk is their last in the park or this is the last time they held the hands of their loved ones or that this was their last day. He moved his hand to the red button placed under his right middle pocket. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a feeling of fear from death! But that feeling was an ant in front of the elephant commitment. He pushed it. In a matter of seconds, his body burst into pieces that you can’t put together even if you tried all your life. Along that, thousands of others who were unknown of what was happening lived their last breath, surely not imagining getting killed in a bomb blast. Some of his partners also got killed during the attacks but his death left no sign of an existence of him. 3 hours passed by and the social networks were flooded by #JeSuesParis and other supporting hashtags which anyone and everyone else was busy posting and at the same time another Muhammad knocked the ISIS’s door with a resume in eyes which were shouting “Prepare me for the death.” It was all a matter of mindset that differentiated a committed terrorist from an average man and showed a similarity between a committed terrorist and a committed businessman, both of these’s commitments changed the world in a way. And it’s all up to you if you want to change the world by destroying it or by improving it. Rest was the case of psychology, which is explained briefly above.