Knowledge in Computer Configuration


The powerpoint presentations are available for all students of electronics who are studying computer configuration as a subject. The persentations include explaination of VDHL, Why Use VHDL?, BASIC FEATURES OF VHDL, CONCURRENCY, SUPPORTS SEQUENTIAL STATEMENTS, etc.

Asynchronous Sequential Logic

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course electronics and subject- computer configuration. The content in the documents below comprises of the topics Analysis Procedure, Circuits with Latches, Design Procedure, Reduction of State and Flow Tables, Race-Free State Assignment, etc.

Digital logic Design

The material in the attatchment below discusses the topic Digital logic Design. This includes the topics digital computers and digital systems, binary numbers, number base conversions, binary codes, binary logics, signed binary numbers, etc.

8086 Microprocessor

Hello Wonderful Folks The file attached is an Introduction to 8086 Microprocessor which covers basic concepts and their explanations!! Thank You

effective camera calibration

NOTES avaliable for electronics as a course and subject computer confrigration. topics are given below abstract, technical setup, alogritham description , numerical result , conculsion, etc #IIT roorkee

4 bit comparator

4 bit comparator


What is eye tracking technology This is the basics of how eye-tracking works. types of eye-tracking and concept of it.

Electricity and Magnetism for Class 11

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of electric charge. In early days, electricity was considered as being not related to magnetism. Later on, many experimental results and the development of Maxwell's equations indicated that both electricity and magnetism are from a single phenomenon: electromagnetism. Various common phenomena are related to electricity, including lightning, static electricity, electric heating, electric discharges and many others.

Electricity and Magnetism for Class 12

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Synchronization Notes

Why synchronize? • Critical sections and consensus • Mutual exclusion algorithms • Hardware support • Semaphores • Classical problems • Monitors and condition variables • POSIX synchronization interface

Computer Notes For BBA 1ST Semester Students

Computer Notes for BBA 1st semester students. contains the full syllabus. study according to your syllabus only.

Computer Networking

This file containing about networking, Components of Networking, types of Networks - wireless network, system interconnections, wireless LANs, Wireless WANs, Inter Network, Network Services, Connection Oriented Services, Connection less services, service premitives, Reference models in communication network, etc.