Knowledge in Strategy

Tata Corus deal- improvements

Contains what are the elements to be improved in the case

Smarthead consulting strategy

Marketing strategy for smarthead consulting has been proposed

Strategic Management

Key Takeaways from Porters article on Strategy and how Wallmart was able to be successful by implementing the strategies as mentioned by porter

Analysis IKEA's resources and entry in India

 In this assignment, I have identified a cove tstory,  from an issue of Fortune India magazine ( and applied the RBV lens to  it. The assignment provides a reference to the story and summary, followed by analyzing the story with the RBV lens.

Cournot Equilibrium and others

This gives comparison between Cournot Equilibrium,Cartel Equilibrium and Stackelberg Equilibrium with examples#NMIMS



Notes on effect of demonetizaton on financial serv

It gives the impact of demonetisation on banks  and other financial services and akso describes the transition to digital economy#NMIMS

Generic strategies

It gives information about generic srategies like low cost,differenctiation and focus#NMIMS

Notes on monopolistic competiton

This knowledge is about monopolistic competition,its characteristics and other aspects explained through graphs#NMIMS

porter's five forces

This knowledge explains anlayses the Porter's Five Forces Model on industrial rivalry#NMIMS

Raghuram Rajan tenure

This clip gives information about the former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan,his history objectives and his achievements#NMIMS