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I am getting a 5000-6000 rank in the JEE Advanced

No, You are not screwed at all .You secured a decent rank in JEE Advanced with this rank you will get branches like metallurgy, biotech,textile,chemical in old IITs and branches like civil,mechanical in new IITs. Now,it’s up to you what will you prefer branch or college . You can enter in old IITs with an average branch and work hard in the first year then you can upgrade your branch. If you get a branch of your dream even if in the new IITs then go pursue your passion . You also secured good marks in BITSAT with this marks you can get branches like electrical,mechanical in BITS GOA and hyderabad and branches like civil, chemical in BITS PILANI. You can also upgtrade your branch in BITS but for this you have to score above 9.5 cgpa. Now, it’s upto you what you choose . GOOD LUCK for your future .

Is there a subject-wise cutoff in the JEE advance

Yes, there is subject wise cutoff in JEE ADVANCED. But we can't actually predict the cutoff marks even if it is subjectwise because cutoff depends on the basis of difficulty level of the paper, and it can be properly decided only at the time of results. But for last year i.e. 2017 it was approx 10% for each subject as each subject comprised 124 marks and the subjectwise cutoff was 12 marks . So, it is generally 10% of the subject marks and it is not a big deal to score 10% marks if you have prepared well.

Definition and intro class slides

Definition and intro class slides

I got 25 marks in JEE Main and my percentage in Ma

With 25 marks in JEE MAINS 2018 you can’t get computer science in any of the government colleges unless you are a PwD candidate .If you given MHCET and secured good rank then there are chances . My advice is that If you have interest in JEE and you are ready to work hard then go for a drop otherwise try private engineering colleges. GOOD LUCK for your future.

What should be done a day before JEE Advanced 2018

A day before JEE ADVANCED exam,this is the day which can be the turning point of your journey towards IIT. This day is more important than the JEE ADVANCED exam day because if something went wrong in this day then there are huge chances of your exam being ruined. So, all you need to do is just relax i know it’s not that much easy to relax before such a crucial exam, it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous and anxious a day before exam, but remember to never let your nervousness and anxiety get a hold of you during the exam.I will personally suggest you to go for a movie like deadpool 2,raazi,etc chill out forget all the stress just remember the best moments of your journey(like remember about the review tests of your institute in which you scored well). If you want to revise just go through the formulas and the short notes (if you have made) , don’t practise anything especially something new because it is sure that if you will try something new then you will face difficulties and it will lead to lack of your confidence . Remember if you have worked hard throughout your journey(preparation) keep faith in it because this is payback time all the late nights and early mornings will surely pay you back . And on the exam day just think that THE UPCOMING 8 HOURS IS YOUR LAST FIGHT JUST BESTOW YOUR COMPETENCE INTO IT . GOOD LUCK

Can I get into mechanical engineering at Thapar Un

It is very tough to get Mechanical Engineering in thapar university with this rank , you may get it in the 4 th round counselling because the mechanical engineering cutoff for 2017 was: 3 rd round 52107 (outside punjab) 4th round - 78103(outside punjab). So, keep your fingers crossed and I would prefer you to take Chemical in online counselling and wait for the upcoming couselling sessions . You can also go for Electronics (Instrumentation & Control) Engineering ,Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering (Production) if you are interested because these branches can be available for you at this rank and have a good scope as well. GOOD LUCK

How is the G3 batch in Vibrant Academy in Kota?

Well according to me batch doesn’t matter if you work hard continuously, batch totally depends on your performance in review tests and not on your intelligence and hard work . In Vibrant Academy there are four houses for Micro courses namely E,N,G,R and each of the houses consists of 5 batches and you are talking about the batch G3 it is an average batch students used to say that in order to get selection you need to be in the top batches like G1,E1,R1,N1 but it is not at all true there are examples where students started from batches like G3 and later they performed well and entered into higher batches and got a very good selection. My personal opinion is that you should never settle yourself for less,if you are in G3 batch try to study more hard, try to identify your mistakes and weaknesses and try to notch higher batches it will eventually boost your self confidence and also you will be surrounded with some good students as advantage of being in a higher batch is that you are surrounded by some brilliant minds. GOOD LUCK Thanks for reading

ESDES Lyon, France

Differentiating cultural factor of the country About City – Lyon - Second-largest urban area of France - Located in the country's east-central part at the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône - Known for its cuisine, gastronomy, historical/architectural landmarks, the festival of lights, and production and weaving of silk - Cinematograph (the motion picture camera) was invented in this city - The major center for banking, as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries - Have significant software industry with a growing local start-up sector - Ranked 19th globally for innovation in 2014 - Ranked 39th globally in Mercer's 2015 liveability rankings

Do HODS teach in the droppers batch of Vibrant Aca

Yes, HODs do teach in droppers batch. There are four houses in dropper coarse V,X,Y,W . V house consist of students who have completed their 12th from Vibrant Academy and X house consists of students who have completed their 12th from various other coaching institutes. While Y and W mostly consist of students who are preparing for the very first time for the JEE . HODs teach in batches like V1 and X1. I shared above information on the grounds of my experience . Thanks for reading .

How good is Playing with Graphs by Amit M Aggarwal

It is a very helpful book for JEE Advanced, I myself used this for my JEE preparation. Before buying this book I was very much afraid of the graphs and my teacher also used to tell us innovative approaches to solve conventional problems easily using graphs it made me more anxious, I thought ‘if this scenario continues I will surely loose my grip from mathematics(especially calculus)’ . Then one of my senior suggested me Play with graphs, I started practicing the starting was very smooth as the book started with basic graphs like logarithmic, trigonometric,exponential functions and then it took to me complex graphs which are actually combinations of basic graphs i.e. they contain 2 or more than 2 functions. After continuous practice I actually started playing with graph . Thanks for reading.

Graduate & Post Graduate Courses in Chandigarh

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How much rank is needed to get Computer Science an

To get computer science branch in old IITs that are namely IIT- KGP,IIT-ROORKEE,IIT-B,IIT-D,IIT-MADRAS,IIT-BHU,IIT-GUWAHATI,IIT-KANPUR you need to get a rank of somewhat under 1000 in JEE ADVANCED if you belong to the general category and if you belong to reserved categories like OBC,SC,ST you can get CSE even beyond this rank . For OBC category you need a rank of somewhat under 1800 . For SC category - under 5000. For ST category - under 6000 . Thanks for reading .