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Can I be eligible for JEE advanced if I get 90%

It is not the individual percentage of subjects which matters but the overall percentage of 12th . According to CBSE in order to get admission in IITs and NITs a candidate must have atleast 75%marks in 12th standard or he/she should be in top 20 percentile, this condition is also the eligibility criteria for JEE advanced. So your overall percentage should be 75 to be eligible for JEE advanced. Good luck

What rank did Sankalp Gaur (JEE Main 2015 topper)

Sankalp Gaur a boy from pune, Maharashtra earned a score of 345/360 in JEE Mains 2015 not only this he also obtained the All India Rank (AIR) 1 out of 13.05 lakh JEE Main candidates.He was brilliant student throughout his school days, he had scored 97.80% in Class XII and also achieved AIR 56 in JEE Advanced 2015. In an interview Sankalp Gaur shared some of information and experiences of his voyage of JEE preparation . After reading his interview let me share the unsung angle of the Topper’s story . Sankalp Gaur is from Pune, Maharashtra he did his schooling from DAV Public School and simultaneously took a coaching for JEE preparation .He belongs to a nuclear family his father is a DGM of Arms and Ammunition Factory, Khadki, Pune. His mother was working with High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) . He owe his success to his mother as 2 years prior she left her job just to support him in his delicate phase of life. Since his childhood he was focused on pursuing pure science and not engineering but after class 10th his teachers suggested him that pursuing engineering would be a better choice as he will not only be able to know the details about the subjects but also the practical and application aspect of the area as well and consequently he thought he can pursue Pure Science after completing engineering as well. On regular days, after attending school and coaching he used to study for 2 to 3 hours and during holidays he studied for 6 to 7 hours. Maths and Physics were his favorite subjects and he enjoyed studying them. Chemistry on the other hand was a bit tough and complicated for him due to the vast knowledge and theoretical aspect that is involved in the subject. He devised a strategy for attempting paper in which he used to solve chemistry first followed by physics and mathematics so that he can solve them peacefully. He stated that school education is not enough to fetch a good rank in JEE one need the proper guidance of coaching institutes who offers a systematic structure for JEE preparation. After completing graduation he want to pursue Masters in pure Physics and in future he would like to go for research. When he was asked for the advice for upcoming JEE aspirants he said that the secret behind his success was his love for the subjects catalyzed by regular and systematic study regime. So, according to him one should not take this journey as a burden unless he/she should enjoy each and every phase of it . He also said it’s not about the number of hours you study it’s about how much you put in every hour . Thanks for reading

Can I get into mechanical engineering at Thapar Un

It is very tough to get Mechanical Engineering in thapar university with this rank , you may get it in the 4 th round counselling because the mechanical engineering cutoff for 2017 was: 3 rd round 52107 (outside punjab) 4th round - 78103(outside punjab). So, keep your fingers crossed and I would prefer you to take Chemical in online counselling and wait for the upcoming couselling sessions . You can also go for Electronics (Instrumentation & Control) Engineering ,Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering (Production) if you are interested because these branches can be available for you at this rank and have a good scope as well. GOOD LUCK

How was the JEE (Advanced) 2018 examination?

This year Jee Advanced proved again that no matter how much you analize previous year papers and try to predict the upcoming ones depending on which IIT is organizing it, you'll always get punched in the face. I reached the center in time, done with all the formalities and got the assigned computer still having an hour left. After half an hour invigilators distributed a blue paper containing this year's pattern for paper 1 which was an absolute nightmare! Section 1 6 more than one correct questions with partial marking and a negative marking of 2. (as usual) Section 2 8 numerical value type questions where answer should be truncated to 2 decimal places ranging from negative infinity to positive infinity. (you're kidding right? I wish I could) Marking was +3 with no negative marking. Section 3 2 paragraph type questions having 2 questions each having only one option correct giving you 3 marks for correct and minus 1 for incorrect answer. The thing which turned my face blue and green was section 2. Unlike previous years where integer type questions have answers from 0 to 9, this time it was definitely much more difficult to get the correct answer and that too upto 2 decimal places. I got into some deadly calculations like sqrt[ln(3)] and how am I supposed to do that accurately? Well obviously I approximated everything and marked a numerical value which I was not sure about. Some of my friends got perfect integer answers like 5 but they had to mark it like 5.00 otherwise it will be counted as incorrect. I don't think this pattern made any sense, they could have done it like double digit answer or triple digit answer but introducing decimal is something really absurd. Let's move on to paper 2 now. Section 1 6 more than one correct questions with partial marking and a negative marking of 2. (again this one is common) Section 2 8 numerical value type questions where answer should be truncated to 2 decimal places ranging from negative infinity to positive infinity. (Oh god! Not again) Marking was same. Section 3 4 Matching type questions with 4 options having only one of them correct. +3 for correct and a -1 for incorrect answer. (as usual) Now after reading section 2, my face turned pale white, Like a moon in the winter night. I was just trying to digest the fact that this time out of 108 questions, 48 questions are of numerical value type and that too the answer could be anything upto 2 decimals, and I got another shock that it's only 18 minutes left for exam to begin and I have not completed registration for paper 2. I rushed to the registration counter and got everything done within 5 minutes and got back to my system. Now, paper 1 was very much balanced. Physics was easy to moderate level, chemistry was moderate to tough level and maths was moderate level. But in paper 2, chemistry was tough. Organic chemistry literally screwed me up and I was wondering if I did a right thing to drop an year to face this kind of advanced paper. Apart from chemistry, maths and physics was moderate level but some questions of maths were really challenging. Overall, I think many students have messed it up in section 2 and due to its high weightage this year, cut off may go unexpectedly low (totally my opinion). But let's just not dig into the predictions of cut off because again, you'll be punched right in the face. That was my view on Jee Advanced 2018, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section, I'll be glad to hear, about your's my dear! EDIT 1- Cheer up friends! Jee advanced has officially declared some information regarding the most controversial numerical value type questions, have a look here. So, all my friends who were worried about the decimal issue over some intrger questions, now may seem relieved! Finally, they took a very reasonable decision to consider 7, 7.0 and 7.00 all as correct and also provided a small range upto which the answer will be considered correct. So now, you only need to worry if you got the correct answer and everything else will be taken care of by them. Image source-

I got 25 marks in JEE Main and my percentage in Ma

With 25 marks in JEE MAINS 2018 you can’t get computer science in any of the government colleges unless you are a PwD candidate .If you given MHCET and secured good rank then there are chances . My advice is that If you have interest in JEE and you are ready to work hard then go for a drop otherwise try private engineering colleges. GOOD LUCK for your future.

Is there a subject-wise cutoff in the JEE advance

Yes, there is subject wise cutoff in JEE ADVANCED. But we can't actually predict the cutoff marks even if it is subjectwise because cutoff depends on the basis of difficulty level of the paper, and it can be properly decided only at the time of results. But for last year i.e. 2017 it was approx 10% for each subject as each subject comprised 124 marks and the subjectwise cutoff was 12 marks . So, it is generally 10% of the subject marks and it is not a big deal to score 10% marks if you have prepared well.

What should be done a day before JEE Advanced 2018

A day before JEE ADVANCED exam,this is the day which can be the turning point of your journey towards IIT. This day is more important than the JEE ADVANCED exam day because if something went wrong in this day then there are huge chances of your exam being ruined. So, all you need to do is just relax i know it’s not that much easy to relax before such a crucial exam, it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous and anxious a day before exam, but remember to never let your nervousness and anxiety get a hold of you during the exam.I will personally suggest you to go for a movie like deadpool 2,raazi,etc chill out forget all the stress just remember the best moments of your journey(like remember about the review tests of your institute in which you scored well). If you want to revise just go through the formulas and the short notes (if you have made) , don’t practise anything especially something new because it is sure that if you will try something new then you will face difficulties and it will lead to lack of your confidence . Remember if you have worked hard throughout your journey(preparation) keep faith in it because this is payback time all the late nights and early mornings will surely pay you back . And on the exam day just think that THE UPCOMING 8 HOURS IS YOUR LAST FIGHT JUST BESTOW YOUR COMPETENCE INTO IT . GOOD LUCK

Graduate & Post Graduate Courses in Chandigarh

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Do HODS teach in the droppers batch of Vibrant Aca

Yes, HODs do teach in droppers batch. There are four houses in dropper coarse V,X,Y,W . V house consist of students who have completed their 12th from Vibrant Academy and X house consists of students who have completed their 12th from various other coaching institutes. While Y and W mostly consist of students who are preparing for the very first time for the JEE . HODs teach in batches like V1 and X1. I shared above information on the grounds of my experience . Thanks for reading .

What are the best things to do in the mid-break of

It’s really a very good question and I think this is the best time to answer this question because on upcoming sunday i.e. on 20 th may JEE ADVANCED 2018 is going to be held . So, the upcoming points are some shades of my experience 1- The first thing is that never carry any study material along with you to the examination center because if you will carry then you will wish to revise something and trust me this is not gonna help you at all . 2 - Since now you are not carrying any material so you can’t cross check your formula,etc that you have applied during the exam in the 1 st half . This is how you got rid of very first problem that is faced by students, the moment they come out of examination hall they try to cross check their concepts,formulas,etc due to which they get panic. 3- Now, never ever discuss your paper amongst your friends because if your answers doesn’t matches to their answers and they look confident about their answers then you will surely be anxious and consequently you will loose your self confidence . 4 - If your parents are accompying you then go with them to a restaurant and have a light and healthy meal, talk to them and try to talk about something other than JEE, this will refresh your mind . And if you are alone(i.e. your parents are not accompying you )then go to a restaurant and order some light stuff and listen to your favourite music this will reenergize you . 5 - You can analyze your time management strategy that you have employed in the first paper and you can think about constructive amendment that can be made into for the next paper. 6 -One thing I want to share but I will not say you to try it because it can be harmful to some of you . Just before entering into the examination hall for paper 2 in review tests held in vibrant academy, I used to drink REDBULL because after drinking it my focus used to increase 200 times and it was much needed during the paper 2 . I did samething in JEE ADVANCED as well. But I will suggest you to have a coffee or tea because in the second half you will feel tired and sleepy . 7 - And lastly regain your confidence to get ready for your second indeed last innings . GOOD LUCK


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I am getting a 5000-6000 rank in the JEE Advanced

No, You are not screwed at all .You secured a decent rank in JEE Advanced with this rank you will get branches like metallurgy, biotech,textile,chemical in old IITs and branches like civil,mechanical in new IITs. Now,it’s up to you what will you prefer branch or college . You can enter in old IITs with an average branch and work hard in the first year then you can upgrade your branch. If you get a branch of your dream even if in the new IITs then go pursue your passion . You also secured good marks in BITSAT with this marks you can get branches like electrical,mechanical in BITS GOA and hyderabad and branches like civil, chemical in BITS PILANI. You can also upgtrade your branch in BITS but for this you have to score above 9.5 cgpa. Now, it’s upto you what you choose . GOOD LUCK for your future .