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Time value of money

This teaches us about the basics of time value of money concept and its applications.

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow style of presentation

Tata Hexa marketing strategy

How can Tata HExa compete with its competitors like Innova and Mahindra SUV.

Digital Marketing

Importance and use of digital marketing are emphasized in this PPT. Many examples have been shared to make the concept more clear

Samsung Challenges & recommendations

It analyses the challenges faced by orientation program of Samsung. Plus the generational gap among employees.

Castaway Movie analysis

Movie analysis of Cast Away in the light of Individual organizational behaviour.

Capiotal expenditure

This slide teaches the basics of capital expenditure decisions.

Fiscal Deficit

Basics of Fiscal deficit

Reliance aircel merger

Available below are the notes for the course management and subject strategy. The topics included in the documents attatched below are service provider market share from TRAI report, facts and interference.

Electrification future in India

Strategies for electrification companies and future scenario

English premier leauge 2017-18 transfers

The attatchment below includes English premier leauge 2017-18 transfers. The topics included in the documents attatched below are PAST TREND, INFERENCES, ANALYSIS, TOP 10 TRANSFERS FOR THIS SEASON, GRAPHS, PIE CHARTS, ETC.

Inventory management