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IP University- 7th Sem Notes(CS &IT)

Notes relating to, semester- 7th, Subjects discussed - Advanced Computer Networks(ACN), Information Security(IS), Software Testing & Quality(STQA), Wireless Communication(WCOM), Natural Language Processing(NLP), Advanced Database Management Systems(ADBMS) #ipuniversity

SRM University 4th semester notes CSE

CSE relevant notes available in the below attatched Pdf's. Detailed notes by SRM university for 4th semester students, computer science. Topics included and discussed are Data Addressing Modes, Addressing Modes like Register Addressing, Immediate Addressing, Direct Addressing, Register Indirect Addressing, etc. Refer to the attatchments for the same. #SRMuniversity

SRM University notes fourth semester

SRM university notes available of the subject computer science, useful for students of fourth semester. Can be utilized by studets for future preparation and revision purpose. The notes are provided in english language, including topics such as MODULAR PROGRAMMING, Advantages of Modular Programming, The Assembler and Linker, etc. #SRMuniversity

Image processing and its Application

Get relevant information about the subject Computer graphics, sub topic- image processing and it's applications. Attatchments below provide notes for referance purpose. The pfd includes information about the following- What is Image Processing?, Applications, Purpose of Image Processing, Types of Image Processing, Components of Image Processing, Future Scope, Advantages, Disadvantages and Conclusion. video link-

Hacking Books

We provide you with the best Ethical Hacking Books Collection. The attatchment includes topics such as 501 websites secrets, a beginners guide for hacking, Infrastructure Hacking, Application and Data Hacking, etc. Read them and become a Famous Ethical Hacker

IP University- 1st Sem Notes

IP university notes available for first semester students, the attatchments include the following subjects - Manufacturing Processes(MP), Fundamentals of Computing(FOC), Physics-1, Chemistry, Electrical Technology(ET), Human Values & Ethics(HVPV). #ipuniversity

IP University- 5th Semester Notes

IP university notes available for 5th semester. The subjects discussed in the attatchments are of and I.T)- Algorithm Design & analysis(ADA), Software Engineering(SE), Java, Digital Communication(DC), Communication Skills #ipuniversity

Python Basics

The below attatched pdf has all the information relevant about pythons .The attatchment includes contents such as ITS VARIOUS FUNCTIONS, TULIPS, DICTIONARIES,ERRORS AND EXCEPTIONS, OS PATHS, OPERATORS, STRINGS ETC.


Detailed notes available on computer graphics via attatchments. For more referance material watch related videos on this link - Watch related videos on this link -