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RRB sse official question paper

question paper with solution. #govtexam


Gk questions for defence.

Quant Formulae

Quant Formulae- Time and money Distance and Angles Surds and Indices

Haryana Bus Conductor Test Paper

uploaded haryana bus conductor question paper for hssc students.Prepare well. #HSSC

General knowledge

Very useful for all government exams purpose

Science and Technology and Internal Security

Uploaded below are the notes of "Science and Technology and Internal Security" made by Nitin Sangwan, AIR 28. The notes below will help in preparation of government examinations.#UPSC #Science and Technology

quicker maths

Want to learn maths quick? we have got a solution! Refer to the attatchment below and learn maths really quick. The topics included in the attatchment below are addition, multiplication, divisibility, squaring, cube, HCF and LCM, binary system, decimals and fractions, etc.

English grammar


English grammar

Sentence formation

English grammar


English grammar