Knowledges in Government Exams

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MCQ of Computer

MCQ of different topics of computer such as computer fundamental ,HTML ,ms access ,ms excel ,ms word ,operating system available below. These MCQ's are important for any government exams preparation like for UPSC or SSC.

UPSC Preparation- Modern History

NCERT Modern History chapters for UPSC preparation. Topics included are Ruling the Countryside, From Trade to Territory, How, When and Where, Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age, When People Rebel, etc.

SSC CHSL Exam Sample Paper

Uploaded ssc chsl exams practice papers. Best of luck. #govtexams#chsl

Upsc psychology handwritten notes

Psychology notes available for UPSC Civil Services Exams preparation. The attatchment includes tpics such as psychological model, socio-cultural model, diathesis stress model, major psychological disorders, etc. Explaination is provided for each topic in detail for better understanding. #UPSC


Uploaded are the notes of "Environment" made by Nitin Sangwan UPSC Rank 28.#UPSC #Nitin Sangwan #AIR 28. The topics discussed in the attatchments are Annual Report 2015-16, Natural resources- surveys and ecploration, Biodiversity conservation, biosphere reserves, etc.

DSL English

Notes available for learning english for competetive examinations. Handwritten notes available in english as well as hindi for better understanding. The content includes topic such as object, verb, complement, subject, clause, tense, person, causative verb, etc

UPSC Preparation Material - Geography(Bhugol)

Available handwritten notes for the students studying the subject geography. The topics included in the below attatched pdf are exclusive economic zone, POK, etc. The notes so provided are available in the language Hindi. #UPSC

IBPS PO papers

Previous year question papers for IBPS PO available here. All series available here for better preparation and practice. Attatched below are relevant and important question that might appear in the upcoming examination. Available in english language.

Hssc question papers

Preparing for the HSSC exam? wondering how the questions will be? Here we are present witha solution. The attatchment contains relevant questions for the HSSC exam in the form of sample papers. Sharing the most relevant and helpful sample papers. Available with all sets. #hssc

geography of SLS classes

providing geography notes of SLS classes to students who are aspirant for government exams. Topics included in the below attatched pdf's are india and the world fact, indian geaography, world geography, etc. #hssc

SSC CGL - English

In this knowledge, basic question and answers related to government exams,also includes Antonyms ,Synonyms ,One word substitution ,Idioms and Phrases for SSC CGL exams. #SSC

UPSC Preparation - Economics

Prepareing for Government examinations? Economics notes available in Hindi for preparation competitive exams. Topics included in the attatment below are deflation, depression, skewflation, phillips curve etc #UPSC