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                                                       Manu Kamboj-IMT Ghaziabad Technology has played an important role in improving and expanding education worldwide. Website is one of the technological tools that enable the companies to share the educational data with the rest of the world with much clarity and faster pace. Online education is one of the biggest revolutions in contemporary education which facilitate students in gaining knowledge at any point of time. is about creating, sharing and discovering knowledge with people around you. It is an interactive global knowledge repository, where knowledge is created, edited and managed by its community of users. The community include students, teachers, CEOs, bureaucrats; anyone with an area of expertise can publish their knowledge on the platform. Two months back from now, I got the opportunity to work on a live project with I played the role of Brand Manager and Sales Manager among my fellow colleagues and the work included managing and enhancing the presence of platform in my institute i.e. IMT Ghaziabad. Some of the responsibilities that I performed during my tenure were User acquisition, Prospect management and Content generation. I, as a Campus ambassador had to promote the platform among my colleagues. This involved the search and analysis of platforms and other resources through which the promotion of the platform could be done. Also, reassurance need to be done whether the promotion and communication was effective in terms of spreading awareness about the platform. I was also required to keep a regular tab on those students who have performed exceptionally well academically or in various competitions. Regular interaction with these students was required as they were the major source of quality content generation for the platform. Also, it was equally important to retain these students for future content generation because it is always convenient to take out content from an already acquired user rather than acquiring a new user. With all these roles and responsibilities, the learning was immense. During the project, I developed my interpersonal skills that help me work under tight deadlines and limited resources. The work also gave me the understanding of several sales and marketing concepts. For example, I started giving incentives to the users who used to create and publish more than two contents per week. Some of the feedbacks that I got from the users of the platform: “It is really good to see that the work that I publish is helping people and benefiting them in their curriculum. Also it is helping me personally to complete my assignments by having a look at the work uploaded by others” -          Yuvraj Bhatia, IMT Ghaziabad “ is a great platform. It helps me the share the knowledge that I gain in the classroom daily. Whenever I need to refer some online material, I now prefer using” -          Divyam Varshney, IMT Ghaziabad “The thing that I liked the most about the website is whenever I upload some of my work, it is being greeted. I can see my picture on the homepage of the website which gives me a feeling that I am a valuable content creator for the website. -          Preet Inder Singh Kahlon, IMT Ghaziabad

Table of disruptive technology in coming future

Table of disruptive technology in coming future

Multiple statement logical reasoning

This explains the concept of multiple statement logical reasoning questions

Management Information Systems - Startup idea

The file is a presentation containing a start-up idea. The business model contains all the details pertaining to the key stakeholders, revenue stream, cost stream, etc. 


Write that winning SoP Your statement of purpose should make you stand out.  Some pointers to drafting that polished essay, and pitfalls you must avoid.

Her Diary.

She opened her eyes- her big, dark, deep eyes. She couldn’t see many faces around, But the ones present there had a look of despise. A nurses face was the first to be seen-stern, indifferent and cold. A woman, her mother may be, lay besides her sobbing. “May be I am not that beautiful”, she thought, “May be it was a lie that God told.” He said, “You will be welcomed by all and held dear”, But she was born to a woman in tears, silenced by fear. But then she thought how bad it could be, Excited she was to see her new home. And it didn’t take much time to see, That “she” was nothing but a puppet in the hands of “he”. As she grew up, she could feel the pressure build up too. Girl as she was, She was meant to live according to others, Do what others wanted her to. She wanted to go and play, She was made to sit and pray. She wanted to go and study, She was forced into rice and curry. She wanted to dance, wanted to sing, But girl as she was, these were not her thing. So this is how she went through life, Deprived in a cave. After all she had to grow to be a homely lady. So that a “good” man would come, marry her, and find a new humble slave. But before this could happen, Before she could jump from frying pan to the fire, She became victim to a monster’s impulsive lusty desire. A beast he was, Came and lay his hands on her. The hungry brutal animal, found himself yet another dinner She screamed, she cried, she shouted and bled. “Help Help Help” she shouted as she bled. Her eyes, her heart, her soul, her everything bled. Her ordeal didn’t stop until she was dead. She didn’t notice the protest that followed, Didn’t see all the candles’ light. She didn’t turn back even once, After her soul was on flight. And up there God didn’t dare to show her His face, Ashamed He was, that He had created the human race. “Please stop this God…Please”, she cried and pled. For, from up there, she could see more “nirbhayas” coming, And they were all very afraid.

Aptitude-Logical Reasoning

This document consists various aptitude logical reasoning questions which will help in entrance exams.

Brand Equity- Viden Io

The presentation is for the case study of Team Viden Io.

Colburn analogy

The attatched document below involves the discussion of 'A Derivation of the Colburn Analogy'. Topics included are Theory, Abstract, etc.

Things To Know While Shifting To Gurgaon

Are you moving to Gurgaon but wondering if you could know about the city of Gurgaon?   Well in that case you have reached the correct place, because we will take you through a journey where the words will fill your mind and help you imagine this beautiful city.  Gurgaon is a rapidly growing city and if one has to relocate to Gurgaon, I am sure you would like to know about the basis essentials of the city. Moving to a new city like Gurgaon should not be an issue. If you are moving from another mega city like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore, then this transition can be compared to the smoothness of butter. Gurgaon will not disappoint you at any level. If moving to Gurgaon is on the cards, then this post is worth checking because I am going to share a few interesting facts about Gurgaon, Haryana. The Trampoline Park, Appu Ghar and Takamaka are some of the names that pop up right away. Gurugram, is a city located in the state of Haryana, adjacent to Delhi and Chandigarh. Gurgaon has become a leading financial and industrial hub due to rapid urbanization with third highest per capita income in India. The city’s growth started in the 1970s, when the automobile company Maruti Suzuki India Ltd established its manufacturing factory in Gurgaon. Since then, Gurgaon has taken off, and now reached the zenith with innumerable Fortune 500 companies, several multinational companies and IT sectors. Gurgaon is a city in a developing country, blessed with some opportunities, and also cursed with certain obstacles. Before you move to Gurgaon, you must have an idea about the city itself for your own sake. The origin of the city’s name can be traced back to the epic Mahabharata, the village was owned by the Pandavas and the Kauravas. They gifted the land to their master or teacher Guru Dronacharya, and the land came to be known as Gurugram. With the passage of time, the name was gradually distorted and the present day name is Gurgaon, the city officially will be called as Gurugram. Looking into history, one can find that the place was once under the Mughal Empire, then the British Raj. Gurgaon is located in the northern part of the country, in the state of Haryana. Some of its neighboring states are Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh. You can reach the place by air, rail and also road. The nearest airport to the city is Delhi International Airport. You can reach Delhi from Gurgaon very easily, by cabs or by bus. The fares are very reasonable so you will not face any problem. Delhi is well connected to all the major cities of India, and also several other international destinations. Hundreds of domestic and international flights are available for your convenience in every way. You can go to major cities and towns by trains, from Gurgaon Railway Station. The national highways are also well connected to the city, thus smooth mode of transport via road. Where to stay:  Gurgaon is a developed city with modern amenities and structures. In Gurgaon, there are many companies and offices. So if you are visiting Gurgaon for work, then you can stay in the hotels. There are various hotels in the city for the tourists. If you are moving in Gurgaon, then for that, there are many residential sectors, apartments, and housing complexes. The Times of India rated top 5 condominiums : Aralias, Hamilton Court, The World Spa, Gurgaon One, and Raheja Atlantis.  Gurgaon has an estimated 1,100 residential high-rises.   Where to work:  Today, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the most important off shoring centers in the world, providing outsourcing solutions in software, IT, service and sales through delivery facilities and call centers. Most of the call centers provide pooled-in cars to and from their offices. Gurgaon is the hot bed of 250 companies, out of Fortune 500 companies   Recreation:  There are certain prominent performing art venues like Epicentre in Sector 44, Nautanki Mahal at the Kingdom of Dreams near IFFCO chowk.  There are 26 shopping malls in Gurgaon. There are movie theatres, multiplexes, restaurants, bars etc.   Sports:  Gurgaon has nine golf courses, and is described as ‘Heart of India’s golfing country’. There are several stadiums for cricket, football, golf, baseball etc. Two of the most notable sports stadiums are Tau Devi Lal Stadium, and Nehru Stadium.                         How to travel within the city:  You can avail government buses, private buses, vans and auto rickshaws. There is Delhi Metro and Rapid Metro for swift and smooth transport facilities.     Education:  There are lots of government schools under Haryana Board of Education, private schools like DAV and Delhi Public Schools which follow ICSE or CBSE board of education. There are many colleges and universities as well and also business school. The most famous business school, Management Development Institute is situated in Gurgaon.   Healthcare:  Gurgaon has multiple numbers of hospitals and medical care facilities. The National Brain Research Centre is located in Gurgaon. Some of the reputed private hospitals include Fortis, Medanta, and Columbia Asia Hospital.   Language:  The official language of the place is English. Some of the most commonly spoken languages include Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi. But people here understand English, so communication will probably not be a barrier for you. Thus we can look forward to a lot of exciting times. Don't Just Relocate, Happy Locate !