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are computer languages spoiling us ?

An interesting and fresh topic, relevant for all students

English premier leauge 2017-18 transfers

The attatchment below includes English premier leauge 2017-18 transfers. The topics included in the documents attatched below are PAST TREND, INFERENCES, ANALYSIS, TOP 10 TRANSFERS FOR THIS SEASON, GRAPHS, PIE CHARTS, ETC.

Blockchain Technology .

Blockchain Technology is all about " distributed ledger " which is open to all and is non tamparable by the users without the consent of the users ....

PowerGrid Internship Report

Finance and Account- Fund Raising and Debt Servicing


Another elaborate group discusion on a philosophical and impactful topic, that pretty much describles the actual condition of today's youth. Must Read.

Venn diagram

This explains the concept of venn diagram questions.

Platforms for crowdsourcing for medical reasons

Crowdsourcing platforms that have already helped a lot of patients.

Dialogue is a better option with Pakistan ?

A contraversial and informative topic.  Also chosen for many group discussions, especially for many govt exam students

Blockchain in Startups

This is an article about blockchain in startups.

Book Smart or Street Smart ?

This is an important topic for today's fast world. Refer to this for GD info

CAT 2001 question along with solution

This 2001 CAT questions along with solutions will help the aspirants in their preparations

calculations of hamza pharma case study on decision tree

calculations of hamza pharma case study on decision tree