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Operating system

Operating system  Operating system is a program  or software which act as a interface between the     user  and a hardware of a computer system. 

Complicated Youth

Being young, we are full of doubts. We often have a dense thought over judgment of right and wrong. We deny the standards already set by the society. We try to make our own standards and even doubt them too. So overall, youth is really a complicated one to decode.  I have decided to provide you some basic rules of life that are proven by spiritual legends. These can be followed blindly without a doubt.  First is that meaning of life is comparative on the basis of how much you understood it. Life is like water storage. Some understand it equals to a coffee mug, some compared to a bucket and some up to a dam. And all the chores in life are the water filled in it. So my motive of making this assumption is that everything you go through in your life, every person you met, your family, your friends, your job, every other thing is water in it. Everything is the part of life not life. If one thing is gone, life doesn’t ends, just some water is minimized which can be refilled. I have heard some people saying to their lover that they are his/her life and they will die without him/her. Later if they lose, they fall into depression and some of them commit suicide. Same case is applied to every aspect of life.  Second thought is that each part much get as much importance as it deserve. Your studies, your love life, everything must have an importance level in Percentage. % of the life you discovered. Some give their whole importance to their better half and ditches their education. Some thinks that study and money is life and ignores even their family. Third one is simplest and most effective. Before teaching yourself refrains from bad deeds, learn not to commit one. The world is turned to place where most heard thought is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. We do not teach our children to not to steal, we teach them keep your money safe. We do not teach our boys to respect girls, we teach our girls not to wear small attire and to come home before 9. That’s all for now. I hope these few things will work for you. Help making you’re a better one. 

Primary research through Questionnaire

Analysing primary and secondary data to get insights on the topic at hand

Brands leveraging Instagram for marketing

How indian brands like 'paper boat' and startups like 'rentomojo' are leveraging instagram to the fullest to achieve thier marketing objevtives.

Book Review Sample

This is a sample ppt for writing a book review. Hope It helps!

Sample Article Review Writing

It's a sample for Article Review writing

Motivating A Team!

We all have been a part of team at some or other time. What makes a winning team is the motivation factor. Here's how one can motivate a team.

Rhetorical analysis

Hey all! This is a typical example of assessing one's Facebook profile. The rhetorical assessment of one's own activity on social media websites would matter as it's how the bigger world sees us.  Enjoy reading it.

How to make CV for your first job?

When you're composing your resume you need to awe employing directors and get chosen for a meeting, so you have to do all that you can to guarantee it emerges from the group. Here are five ways to make your resume stand out from the competition. Respond Directly to the Job Description Procuring supervisors have particular thoughts regarding what aptitudes and encounters hopefuls need to do well in open positions and your resume should reflect the depiction they've incorporated into their postings or promotions, says Mark Slack, a vocation counsel at Resume Genius. "In an ocean of tasteless applicants, the most enamoring resume is the one that appears to coordinate the majority of their prerequisites, including fundamental specialized aptitudes, work encounters, and degrees, affirmations, or licenses," he says. "In the event that your past work encounter is not pertinent to the job depiction, you should get imaginative and outline your present range of abilities as being transferable into another part." Describe Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities Joseph Terach, CEO of Resume Deli, gives the case of a pizza conveyance individual: It's insufficient to state you convey pizzas since that is what you should do. "The inquiry is: would you say you are great at it? Or, on the other hand, did you convey pizzas late, cool and in a smashed box to the wrong address?" Rather than disgorging your job portrayal, concentrate on the achievements you've made while satisfying that depiction. Portray the ways you've exceeded expectations in your calling and have gone well beyond. Quantify Your Accomplishments "There's no better approach to portray your achievements than with frosty hard numbers," says Slack. For example: "What amount of item did you offer month to month? What amount of cash did you spare your organization because of your endeavors? What was the measure of the spending you have overseen? What number of individuals did you prepare or oversee?" Putting a number on the work you do gives contracting supervisors a thought how you may fit into an association. "On the off chance that you can measure any of your job portrayals, do as such," he says. "It will give the procuring supervisor a much clearer picture of your aptitudes and capacities, and certainly enable you to get the short rundown for a meeting." Use the Summary Section for Distinguishing Details On the off chance that you incorporate an outline articulation on your resume, recollect it possesses the most important spot - up front, Terach says. "Such a large number of job-searchers squander it on self-descriptors, for example, "imaginative," 'results-driven' and 'phenomenal communicator,'" he says. "Learn to expect the unexpected. In the event that you have to mark yourself a superb communicator, at that point, you're presumably not one." Instead, drop the generics and utilize the outline segment to give subtle elements of your accomplishments. Ignore Irrelevant Information Comprehending what to leave off your resume can be as vital as realizing what to put on it. You may believe it's a smart thought to incorporate however much information as could reasonably be expected to cushion a weaker resume, yet this approach can blowback.   Counting unimportant jobs or incidental achievements from important jobs tells your potential boss that you don't comprehend what they're searching for, Terach says. "Try not to make your objective peruser angle through a bundle of commotion keeping in mind the end goal to discover what's truly essential to her since she won't. She'll expect that you don't get it, and proceed on

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain Management- Cold Chain

Search for you

I still search for you in the world full of people in the empty fields and the darky clouds. The search in the city lights and the passing cars, on the windy road, with the shiny stars. Caption I need you there, I need you now but I wonder where you could be now, for many of the years I've not said your name with a melodious way and loud out. And so longer since I called you mine, time has passed for you and I I have learnt to live without you I don't mind if you'll still be mine ,  as I'll still love you anyhow.