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Lean Manufacturing (Total Quality Management)

Lean Manufacturing (Total Quality Management)

IPL Auctions 2018

The cricket mad nation is eagerly waiting for the IPL 2018 auctions. On January 27th and 28th the whole country is expected to be glued to their TV sets and the experts are going to have an eventful day where we will witness over 1100 players go under the hammer. It is one of the biggest auctions since the commencement of the inaugural edition of IPL in 2008. There are 281 capped players and 838 uncapped players in this auction. Lots of star players will be a part of this auction with some of the big Indian names like Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir and R Ashwin going to show us some tough battles. Foreign players like Chris Gayle and Ben Stokes lead the list of players who can challenge the costliest player price tag in this auction. Joe Root will be a part of IPL auctions for the first time and is only the fifth English recruit into the IPL. Australian dominance of fast bowling will be showcased by their top prime talents of Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins. Steve Smith, David Warner, Maxwell and Watson are other top talents from Australia who are going to light up this IPL. What is a T20 if it doesn't have the Caribbean flavour in it and the likes of Bravo, Pollard, Carlos Brathwaite and Jason Holder will bring that to IPL 2018. Kane Williamson, Hashim Amla and Miller are few other big names who are going to be the top buys for any franchise. IPL has always given an opportunity to the young Indian talents and this season being no different will have the likes of India U-19 captain Prithvi Shaw, Baroda skipper Deepak Hooda, all rounder Krunal Pandya and Basil Thampi.  Bangladesh with 8 players, Zimbabwe with 7 and both USA & Scotland with 2 players each will be completing the list. We are hoping the cricket season gets quickly underway and doesn't keep their die-hard fans waiting impatiently for the exciting action packed season.


Write that winning SoP Your statement of purpose should make you stand out.  Some pointers to drafting that polished essay, and pitfalls you must avoid.

Condition of slum women in Raipur

This PDF describes the health and economic conditions of women living in slums in Raipur

Blockchain Technology .

Blockchain Technology is all about " distributed ledger " which is open to all and is non tamparable by the users without the consent of the users ....

Motivating A Team!

We all have been a part of team at some or other time. What makes a winning team is the motivation factor. Here's how one can motivate a team.

Research Methodology

Notes on Questionnaire Design

CAT 2002 question along with solution

This CAT 2002 questions along with solutions will help future CAT aspirants.

Venn diagram

This explains the concept of venn diagram questions.

BMW Reveals Second Generation X4 SUV

The big news coming out is that the BMW has revealed the second generation X4 SUV online. This has come ahead of the car’s scheduled global debut at 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March. The luxury SUV is positioned between X3 and X5. It is expected to launch in India sometime in late 2018 or in early 2019. Its arrival will be a challenge to the Range Rover Evoque here. While the first generation X4 was launched in global market, it was not available in India, but the Bavarian auto giant believes with the new model it will be able to draw attention of buyers in domestic market. Specifications : The demands for luxury cars in India are increasing fast and BMW has done its homework right to cover this aspect. BMW has good reason to be confident about the possible success of new X4. The car is underpinned by the same CLAR platform that hosts the new 7-Series and X3 as well. Thanks to the CLAR platform, second-gen BMW X4 comes around 50 kg lighter than its predecessor. This has helped the luxury SUV in achieving improved driving dynamics and better handling. Thanks to 81 mm of extra length, 37 mm of width and 54 mm of extra wheelbase, new BMW X4 offers more space and comfort to the occupants. In terms of design, it gets the automaker’s signature kidney grille with vertical slats, LED corona ring headlamps, integrated LED daytime running lights, LED fog lamps, LED taillights along with muscular bumpers at both front and rear ends. Apart from that, it also gets large alloy wheels, sharp character lines and a coupe-like roofline. Inside the cabin it has an all-black theme with red contrast stitching adds zing to the SUV. Similar features as the third generation X3. There is BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with voice and gesture control. High-end trims get paddle shifter with steering wheel. It gets M Sport suspension as standard, Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist systems. On the powertrain front, 2018 BMW X4 gets two petrol engines and two diesel motors as well. Transmission duty will be done by an 8-speed automatic gearbox that sends power to all the four wheels via BMW’s xDrive system. Overall : Released just four years after the original X4 first hit dealer forecourts, the new model will take advantage of the new X3’s underpinnings. The SUV coupe styling – dubbed sports activity coupe by the German firm – gets a sportier look than its sister car, plenty of BMW’s latest technology, and a couple of M-badged trims. BMW says it has sold 200,000 X4s since introducing the model in 2014, and it will be hoping that number increases dramatically with the introduction of this new version. Thus we all are awaiting eagerly for the launch and since with advances in its style and excess power it will certainly be a power packed model to rule its market segment.


A woman from New Orleans who read the article on ravens that I wrote when I had just started to investigate whether and how ravens share, wrote me: "I did not have so much trouble as you did in showing that ravens share. I see them at my feeder - they even feed one another". There are no ravens in New Orleans, nor anywhere else in Louisiana. Perhaps what she actually saw were several large dark birds (crows? Grackles?), one of which fed another one or two (probably their grown offspring traveling along with them).  People commonly confuse personal interpretations with factual observations. This tendency is a special bane in getting reliable observations on ravens because so much ingrained folklore about them exists that it is difficult to look at them objectively. I once read an article about a trapper/writer in Alaska. Knowing he would be familiar with ravens in the north, I wrote to ask him if he had seen ravens feeding in crowds. He had a lot of raven stories to tell. First, he said "everyone" he knew, knew that ravens share their food. He was surprised at the ignorance of us armchair scientists so far away, who would even question it. Ravens were "clever enough" to raid the fish he kept on racks for his dogs. They proved their cleverness by posting a "twenty-four-hour guard" at his cabin. (How did he distinguish this, I wondered, from birds waiting for an opportunity to feed?) As soon as he left the cabin, a raven was there to "spread the word". (Read: Flew away and/or called.) He claimed that one raven "followed" him all day. (Read: He occasionally saw a raven.) It then "reported back" to the others so that they could all leave just before he got back from his day on the trapline. (Read: He saw several leave together, and there were none when he got back to the cabin door.) Many of the birds "raided" (fed from?) his fish rack, and his idea of their "getting out the word" to ravens for miles around is that the one who discovers the food calls, and thereby summons all the birds in neighboring territories, who then also call in an ever-enlarging ring of information sharing. (An interesting thought).) It was no mystery to him why the birds would do this: they are "gossiping". "It seems obvious", he said, "that the birds get excited, and they simply cannot hold in their excitement - that lets others know". Any why should they evolve such transparent excitement? That, too, was "obvious": "Because it is best for the species". This stock answer explains nothing. It was disturbing to me to see anyone so facilely blur the distinction between the observations and interpretations and then even go so far as to make numerous deductions without the slightest shred of evidence. When I was very young and did not "see" what seemed obvious to adults, I often though I was stupid and unsuited for science. Now I sometimes wonder if that is why I make progress. I see the ability to invent interconnections as no advantage whatsoever where the discovery of truth is the objective. There are those who believe that science consists entirely of disproving alternative hypotheses, as if when you eliminate the alternative views, the one you have left is right. The problem is that there is no way to think of all the possible hypotheses that nature can devise. More than that, you have to prove which is the most reasonable. But any one hypothesis can, with a limited data set, be reasonable. There is at least a touch of truth in the idea that any variable affects another. If you look long and determinedly enough you will find that almost any variable element you choose to examine apparently affects the behavior you are studying. You have to be able to skim over what is not important or relevant to your problem, and to concentrate long enough on the prime movers to unearth sufficient facts that, presuming they are recognized, add up to something. Q. 6.