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These presentations provide a to the point overview for Human Resource Management. They would be handy during exam preparations too.

Marketing Research Project using SPSS

sharing a project that is being done by iim students in their group project. #marketing#research#project#iim

Articles published in NIVESHAK

NIveshak, Financial and investment club of IIM shilong.

Statistics PPTs

Statistics PPTs

Introduction to sociology Slides

Introduction to sociology Slides

Marketing research on Green prodcuts

This report talks about consumers perception about use of green products and reasons for not paying heavier price.

Dividend Decisions

Sharing notes of Divident Decisions from IIM-I to help you understand this concept better. #finance#iimnotes#iimindore

Globalization and HR Notes Session 7

Globalisation refers to the integration of markets in the global economy, it is the ongoing process of connecting people,neighbourhood,states, business etc.

Money Banking and Finance Slides

Money Banking and Finance course Slides

Managerial Accounting And Costing (MAC) slides

Managerial Accounting And Costing (MAC) slides

Marketing plan for air purifier

Marketing plan for air purifier manufacturing company. STP analysis Projections Product features

Maria Hernandez and Associates- Case Study- FRA

The solution to the case is attached as an excel file.